Fruit flies are primarily nuisance pests. They can be a problem year-round but are especially common during summers. It is not the weather directly that causes fruit flies, it’s the fresh produce that appears everywhere in mid-summer. 

Fruit flies get attracted to ripened or fermenting fruits and vegetables. They breed in drains, garbage disposals, etc. All that is needed for their development is a moist film of fermenting material. They are common in homes, restaurants, supermarkets, and everywhere else where food is allowed to rot and ferment.

Fruit flies also have the potential to transfer germs from a dirty surface to a clean surface. The gross reality is that they are mostly not just annoying, but they also pose slight health risks. It can be by eating food that would be contaminated with bacteria and other disease-producing organisms. When cleaning any area which is a source of fruit flies, always keep in mind to wash your hands properly and also wash your fruits and vegetables before consuming them.  Fruit flies only live for about two to four weeks, and when the temperature gets cooler, they don’t survive for a long time. That’s when you can have the sweetest satisfaction of watching them drop off as summer turns to fall. Sip your pumpkin spice latte and beam, knowing you’ve outlasted these pests for another season.

1. Find their source-

Try and find out where the flies are coming from. If it’s because of some food outside, throw that food away and use any disinfectant to scrub and keep the area clean. 

2. Clean common areas-

Once you find the main source of the problem, later check out the drain in your kitchen sink if it requires a good cleaning. That’s because fruit flies like to breed and live in warm and damp places.

3. Try a store-bought trap-

You can always purchase a sticky fly trap from your local hardware store. These traps work best on common flies and fruit flies. Place the trap where their source area is and then dispose of it once their sticky area is full. Can be replaced if necessary.

4. Mix apple cider vinegar and dish soap-

Fill a bowl of vinegar and add any dish soap and mix it well. The stale sweetness of the apple cider vinegar tempts the flies and the dish soap work to decrease the surface tension of the liquid, causing the flies to be immersed immediately upon investigating the solution thus being trapped and unable to escape.

To places where you can’t reach out, Drains Made Simple has its best fruit flies drain services with various techniques like the ‘Natural Repellent’ and their ‘Cleaning Treatment’. Read about it in detail below.

The Natural Repellent, called the ‘DMS Fruit fly Fighter’(FFC 10) is a formulation that is sprayed under and around food service equipment, baseboards, garbage cans, etc. This natural repellent has no odour and will break down organic matter in the targeted areas, further eliminating other sources of nourishment.

The Cleaning treatment, ‘DMS Drain Gel Treatment’ is a live bacteria-based gel designed to be applied directly into drain lines. It will stick to the lines and continue to digest all organic residue, providing an excellent food source for the flies. Regular practice of this treatment enables such breeding environments to become greatly reduced and sometimes eliminated.

Find out more about our Best fruit flies drain cleaning services which we provide in various parts of the United States i.e Chicago, Charlotte / Raleigh, NC,  Louisville, KY Miami, FL,  San Antonio, TX,  Mexico City. 

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