Clogged Drain Deep in pipe

Drains provide the perfect environment for the reproduction of fruit flies. They can be difficult to reach and even harder to properly clean. At DMS, our proprietary periodic deep drain cleaning process eliminates the flies’ ability to continue to reproduce.

DMS uses only organic, non-insecticidal products in our treatment protocols. DMS services your account on a regular basis to ensure that fruit fly populations remain in check and provides you and your guests with an environment everyone can enjoy. DMS has the best fruit flies solution.

DMS Deep Drain Cleaning Service

DMS has a three-step proprietary deep drain cleaning process.

Break Down

First, we use a solution that breaks down all fats, oils, and grease (FOGs) and other organic matter trapped in drains.

Scrape Out

Second, we scrape out all the particles left behind.

Steam & Boil

Third, we use over 200° steam and a chemical solution to boil out and sanitize drains, removing odor and improving flow.

Greatly reduce your need to call plumbers and save thousands of dollars per year!


Extend Your Drains’ Lifespan

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Fruit fly fighters | Drains Made Simple

DMS Fruit Fly Fighter

This formulation is sprayed under and around food service equipment, along baseboards, garbage cans and pads.

This natural repellent has no odor and will break down organic matter in target areas, further eliminating other sources of nourishment.


DMS Drain Gel Treatment

This is a live bacteria-based gel designed to be applied directly into drain lines. The gel will adhere to the inside of the lines and will continue to digest all organic residue, which provides an excellent food source for the flies. Regular treatment enables such breeding environments to become greatly reduced and sometimes eliminated.

Gel Drain Clog Remover | Unclogs and Removes Hair
Best Fruit Flies Spray

DMS Outbreak Defender

This is a product with a GRAS rating, which means it can be used where people are present at any time. DMS Outbreak Defender can be used in any food service environment for the purpose of knocking down and eliminating any airborne fruit flies in the establishment. This product is compounded with natural peppermint oils and leaves behind a pleasant scent.

DMS Deep Drain Cleaning Service

DMS has a three-step proprietary deep drain cleaning process.

natural repellent
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Learn more about our drain cleaning services and treatments.

DMS Drain Gel Treatment

Cleaning Treatment

What Else Should You Know?


The most effective way to prevent drain fly infestations is to eliminate their breeding and feeding grounds. Inside buildings, this would include cleaning the drain pipes, drain traps and other plumbing system components in an attempt to eliminate the bacteria (gelatinous rotting, organic matter) that regularly forms on the surfaces of plumbing.

Pesticide Treatments:

There are no insecticides registered for use in drains or sewage systems, as they can cause major damage to sewer and sanitation systems. In most cases, the larvae seem to be resistant to such treatments.

What We Can Do:

  • Create an atmosphere which is conducive to the enjoyment of your customers and guests
  • Control unsightly and bothersome pests
  • Create a safer environment for your employees and guests
  • Reduce the frequency of services of outside pest control contractors
  • Greatly reduce slips and falls while improving overall sanitation

What You Can Do:

  • Ensure your doors never remain open
  • Ensure regular and proper sanitation methods are always in place
  • Ensure cartons of fruits and vegetables are not laden with fruit flies upon delivery
  • Ensure that the bar and beverage areas are regularly cleaned and residue free
Fruit fly spray for kitchen | Best Spray for Fruit Flies

Why Fruit Flies?

Fruit flies are a concern for all food service establishments. Often spotted near fruits, vegetables, and where liquor and soda are served, they’re the source of embarrassment plus hefty fines by health inspectors.

Being proactive is key to ensuring that these pests do not disrupt your business and ability to best serve your customers. That’s where we come in!

Get rid of fruit flies by buying a commercial fly spray for restaurants.

Important Fruit Fly Facts
  • Fruit flies gather near the surface of overly ripened fruits and vegetables.
  • They also prefer areas where wine, beer and soda products are stored because they are naturally drawn towards fermented products.
  • Fruit flies can live and breed in drains, around garbage cans, and damp mops, linens and rags.
  • They can lay 500 eggs at a time. About 30 hours later, larvae emerge and feed on the food, grease, fats and oils in the drains.
  • Fruit flies take to the air within a week and live up to 30 days.

The only way to protect your business from fruit flies is to eliminate their ability to reproduce in your drains. Based on years of experience, our patented treatment involves cleaning and steaming your drains as well as applying our lab-designed gel which reduces and eliminates the flies' breeding environment... so your customers never have to be bugged by bugs.


The DMS Difference:

The reason exterminators fail is they don’t have the tools or training to remove the fruit flies’ breeding environment.

Drains Made Simple uses only organic, non-insecticidal products. We service your account on a routine basis to inspect the drains, re-apply the gel, and spray odor-free Fruit Fly Fighter along baseboards and garbage cans to eliminate other sources of nourishment in target areas.

Additional benefits:

  • Need for plumbers & outside pest control contractors is greatly reduced
  • Foul odors are eradicated
  • Safer environment is provided for your employees and customers
  • Conditions meet the expectations of health inspectors
Current Rates (call for pricing):
  • Deep drain cleaning (recommended twice per year)
  • Monthly gel treatment
Bio Active Drain Maintainer for Effective Drain & Pipe Cleaning and Unclogging
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A Superior Solution to a Common Problem

DMS Services 5-star Restaurants, Local Spots, and Institutional Organizations!

Our satisfied client base includes:

  • Nursing homes
  • Grocery stores
  • Bars and nightclubs
  • Schools and universities

And more!

Every facility we have worked with has experienced a fruit fly problem from time to time. There is nothing to worry about. Our sanitation program solves your fruit fly problems and creates a standard of cleanliness that can be maintained. And THAT’s what we pride ourselves on!

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