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About Human Coronavirus Sanitation

DMS Sanitizing Services

Providing a Safe Environment that Protects Your Customers and Staff from the Human Coronavirus!

Nothing is more vital than ensuring the safety of your workers. The Coronavirus Sanitation Service from Drains Made Simple is the most effective and cost-effective way to safeguard buildings. Our sanitation professionals disinfect from floor to ceiling inside every room and surrounding building exteriors with advanced equipment, focusing on regularly touched areas where the virus is most frequently transferred.

Learn How DMS Sanitizes Facilities

Our professionally trained technicians will methodically treat your location with EPA registered disinfecting products designed to specifically kill dozen of viruses including the Human Coronavirus.

We use sophisticated state of the art equipment that dispenses disinfectant, achieving coverage that spray bottles simply can’t. This treatment enables us to sanitize large areas efficiently, saving you time and money.

Our highly trained teams are available to work 24-7, including weekends, either on a proactive scheduled basis or when an outbreak occurs. More information included in this video.

Which Facilities Do We Service?

Park Districts
Retail Locations
Assisted Living Facilities
Health Clubs
Car Dealerships
Condo Associations

What Else Should You Know?

There is nothing more important than protecting your employees. The Drains Made Simple Coronavirus Sanitation Service is the most effective and economical approach for protecting facilities. Using specialized equipment, our sanitation experts disinfect from floor to ceiling inside every room and around building exteriors, focusing on locations commonly touched where the virus is most frequently transmitted.

All areas are sprayed with a fine mist so each surface is properly treated to reduce and eliminate infectious risk. The spray is completely odorless and safe for people, pets, equipment, electronics, wood, tile, clothes, linens, fabrics, and the environment.

Rooms can be re-entered in just five minutes after decontamination.

Our disinfectant, which is EPA-Certified, is proven to destroy the virus, providing a necessary safeguard. By comparison, most cleaning staff are at best 60% accurate.

This is the most forceful, robust, and economical approach for preventing your colleagues and clients from getting sick.


Certificate of Services

DMS Sanitation will provide your business a certificate to display showing our treatment has been performed.

EPA-Certified Disinfectant

Available in quart, gallon, and drum sizes. With two Certified Covid-19 Disinfection Managers on staff, Drains Made Simple made sure our disinfectant is EPA-Certified. More reliable than what is being sold in stores and used by most cleaning staff, it is perfect for spraying indoors and outdoors on hard surfaces, soft surfaces, electronics, door handles, bathroom counters, furniture, food surfaces, and kitchen appliances. As a plus it does not rust equipment, providing a safe and durable option to disinfect your surroundings.

**Coronavirus kill time – Only one minute after spraying on surface**
Current Rates (call for pricing):
● Case of 12 quarts
● Case of 4 gallons
● 55 gallon drum

Sanitization and disinfection services

Reclaim Your Facility!

Upon completion, Drains Made Simple provides a certificate to notify everyone that your business has been sanitized.

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