DMS-JAWS-3803 – JAWS 3803 Food Service Sanitizer (Cartridges)


When added to the proper amount of water, this dye-free, fragrance-free disinfectant sanitizer cartridge effectively sanitizes food and non-food contact surfaces as well as food processing equipment, utensils, dishes, silverware, and more.

If protection is a priority, Jaws is a simple and efficient solution. By mixing the cleaning cartridge with water, it provides an incredibly strong safeguard.

By comparison, Jaws includes 350 parts per million whereas most other products include 200 parts per million; therefore, when using a cloth or paper towel which can absorb the liquid and chemicals, Jaws maintains its intensity and potency (maintaining approximately 300 parts per million) while almost all other brands no longer are reliable (falling under the recommended 200 parts per million).


● Provides the cost savings of concentrate with the conveniences of RTU
● Approved for Food Contact Surfaces
● Colorless and odorless
● No Potable Water Rinse Required