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Safeguard your facility’s floors with our cleaning treatment that:
– Provides a safe and slip-free environment

– Bleach-free, pro strength formula deep cleans, removes old stains

– Original colours stay intact

– Floors will shine with no residue left behind


Slip Fix Bacterial Based Floor Treatment to Help Reduce Slips and Falls

Slip Fix is a protein rich enzyme infused solution with live bacteria which works in tandem to break down and recycle nutrients on floors. Our solution shocks the floor with an alkaline based product that is over 13.5 on the PH Scale. It is completely safe and will not damage the floor. In fact, just the opposite. Not only does the 5X Slip Fix treatment prevent falls, it turns the surface back to its original peak condition.

This natural repellent has no odor and will break down organic matter in target areas further eliminating other sources of nourishment.

How To Use:
The process is easy:

  • Apply Slip Fix for 20 minutes, rinse, and scrub down. Our technicians will even do it for you.
  • This will drastically lessen the likelihood of dangerous slips and falls in your business. Because your surfaces and drains will devour and destroy the polymers found in all fats, oils, grease, cellulose, and proteins with proper and regular application of our proprietary 5X product. 
  • Recommended to be applied/reapplied quarterly
Slip Fix Bacterial Based Floor Treatment

What Else You Should Know?

Slip and falls are one of the most common causes of accidents, lawsuits, and worker comp claims. Think of Slip Fix as an invisible shield of safety protecting your employees, residents, and business.

With proper and regular application of our proprietary 5X product, your surfaces and drains will consume and degrade the polymers, which all fats, oils, grease, cellulose and proteins have in their makeup. This will greatly reduce the chances of worrisome slips and falls in your establishment.

Find the floor cleaning services near you and get quality service from Drains Made Simple.


Safeguard your floors!

With the Drains Made Simple floor cleaning treatment, your facility is guaranteed to be both spotless and safe, creating a healthier environment for both your employees and guests.

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