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About Drains Made Simple

Our restroom sanitation program can assist you in ensuring overall restroom sanitation levels remain high at all times.

Our coordinated fragrance systems include automated metered spray units, odor neutralizing sprays, and splash-free urinal screens.

This service can be performed simultaneously with the drain treatment program.

What Else Should You Know?

Our Restrooms Made Simple program will keep your restrooms cleaner and safer for your customers as well as staff. Our service also frees up storage space within your facility, generating less invoices to pay to your distributor for supplies, and reduces the time spent by your staff having to perform janitorial tasks within your restrooms.

Wall mounted air freshener | Drains Made Simple

Easy Fresh 2D
Wall Mounted Air Freshener

  • Consistent freshness for 30 days: programmed so that as 30
    days pass and the fragrance evaporates, the fan spins more
    frequently keeping the room smelling just right
  • Replaced every 30 days to ensure maximum performance
  • Fragrances: Mango, Honeysuckle

Wave 3D
Urinal Screens

  • Loaded with fragrance
  • Anti splash back technology that eliminates 99% of splash back.
  • Infused with beneficial bacteria that helps eliminate odors.
  • Replaced every 30 days to ensure maximum performance.
Wave 3D Urinal Screens | Drains Made Simple
Cleaning Treatment

Eco Clip
Air Fresheners

  • Loaded with fragrance
  • Discrete and secure. Placed on or right near the toilet to help
    immediately reduce odors
  • Replaced every 30 days to ensure maximum performance

Fragrances: Mango, Honeysuckle


Get your restrooms spick and span!

Our restroom sanitation services will leave your facility spotless and provide your guests with a comfortable and hygienic environment.

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