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Drains Made Simple is about much more than your drains. We’re about helping you keep a clean and safe business with proprietary treatments and products that can actually save you money.

With our array of services, DMS is the secret ingredient so your team doesn’t have to worry about infestations, accidents, or health inspectors.


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About Company

Working with hundreds of restaurants, supermarkets, nursing homes, and schools across the United States and Mexico, we have learned a thing or two about customer service and proven solutions.

What makes Drains Made Simple unique is we care about your success and we know how to make you even more successful. With our services, your staff can focus on cooking, baking, and serving while we make sure everything is clean, functional, and secure. We not only keep your employers safe, We keep your staff safe, as well.

Are you looking for Drain Cleaning services? Drains Made simple provides the Cleaning Services for Clogged Drains. Book your appointment today!

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How it works

Get amazing cleaning
in 4 simple steps

Identify and Survey the Property

Whether its fruit flies, dirty drains or facility deep cleaning, we will first zero in on the issue that needs tackling.

Get FREE Service

Based on the type of service required and initial facility inspection, we will provide you with a price quote.


We accommodate your availability and operational schedule in order to schedule service delivery.

Final Implementation of Service

Our expert team will professionally perform cleaning services in a safe and time-sensitive manner.


1 888 657 6997

Fruit fly spray for kitchen | Drains Made Simple
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Amazing benefits with us

With Drains Made Simple, you can count on professional service that solves your problem in the most cost-effective way. We understand the importance of keeping business environments clean, safe, and hygienic for both staff and guests. Through our range of cleaning and sanitation services, we are committed to helping you provide a high-quality customer experience that best serves your own business vision.

Experienced Staff

Professional and experienced staff ready to help you anytime.

Natural Products

We only use natural products in the process, avoiding harmful and toxic chemicals.

Fast Service

Set your schedule and get regular, quick results delivered.

Professional Equipment

We use the best and world class equipment to aid our specialized cleaning process.


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