Fruit flies not only impair the aesthetic of your restaurant’s cleanliness, but they can also be extremely dangerous. Fruit flies carry pathogens that can cause food poisoning or even respiratory problems. Because fruit flies have such a strong influence on dissuading customers and tarnishing your reputation, restaurants must take both preventative and reactive measures to combat the pest.

Fruit flies are a major challenge for many restaurant owners. They are, however, not entirely related to your restaurant’s hygiene. Fruit fly eggs are microscopic and are carried in on the majority of food and non-food items used in restaurants. Flies can also enter through an open door or window. Every restaurant can be a heaven for these little pests, and dealing with them is a problem in and of itself.

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  • Refrigerate your produce after sealing it in airtight containers and removing any overripe produce. Install mesh screens on windows and doors to keep these flies out of your home.
  • Using a microbial based product can help clean out areas like drains that are attractive for fruit fly reproduction.
  • Sanitizing all surfaces and deep cleaning should be done on a regular basis to ensure there are no lingering odours or food particles.
  • It’s critical to get rid of any soft or overripe fruits and vegetables, as well as clean out and replace the trash can on a regular basis.
  • It is also essential to keep the dock and dumpster areas clean.
  • Using a remedy that decreases microorganisms by attacking malodors and digesting organic matter is an especially effective method for optimising the cleaning properties of the solution.
  • Maintaining adequate back of house and front of house sanitation and disinfection will continue to help reduce contamination while also preventing the infestation of harmful fruit flies.
  • Canning jar lids should be tightly enclosed, and potato and onion storage areas must be maintained and thoroughly cleaned to avoid a buildup of overripe produce in a food preparation area. If canned foods are used throughout the day, they must always be properly sealed and stored.

Who would have guessed
that cleaning could be a breeding ground for fruit flies? Once materials become damp, wet, and used, they become ideal habitats for fruit flies. Thus it is critical to swap wet, used mops or rags to reduce the possibility of attracting fruit flies to your space. The same is true for used classes and dishes, particularly if they have been used for sweet, sticky foods or liquids such as juices. Being conscientious about back-of-house cleaning and maintenance procedures can help you avoid fruit fly infestations.

We now know, thanks to advances in technology and education, that fruit flies do not appear out of nowhere in restaurants and food establishments. Scientists concluded after years of research that they actually breed extremely quickly in difficult-to-reach areas and can sneak up on people in restaurants without any prior warning. Their preferred menu consists of sugary foods, yeast, beer, alcohol, garbage, and rotten meat, which serves as an ideal breeding and feeding environment.
Educating yourself about fruit flies in restaurants is therefore critical, as is understanding where they come from and how you can eliminate their infestation without jeopardising your restaurant’s overall hygiene.
And though there are many do-it-yourself tips and tricks for dealing with fruit flies in your restaurant, hiring a professional service is the best way to eliminate them from the source.

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